Make Money From Home With Brave Browser

How to Make Money Using a Browser? Yes, I will share how you earn money using a brave browser We do it for a while. So read the article in full, then you will understand. Then we can learn how to make money using the brave browser.

Brave Browser Is a Secure, Fast & Private Web Browser with Adblocker

brave browser is a secure, fast and private web browser. In this brave browser, you will get many good features that you will not get all the features using any other browser.

Why use brave browser software?

This is the reason you use the brave browser. In these windows and android browser, you are getting free ads blocker in build. What is an ads blocker? Ads blocker’s job is to remove ads from the website and to prevent you from incurring additional internet costs. Again you will find a very good feature in this brave browser. The private window is the feature you will find in all browsers.

Earn Rewards in Brave Browser

But the new feature of the private window is the private window with tor. Everyone has heard the name Tor. Tor is a browser that uses this browser for VPN protection Tor browser has 4-5 layer VPN protection Now if you are using a brave browser you do not need to use the Tro browser if you use this brave ads blocker & Secure browser Free to use. And if you use the Brave browser, there is a money-making system.

Is Brave free?

Yes, you can use the Brave browser for free. This brave browser is available for Windows, Linux, android and mac os.

How much can you earn from viewing Brave Ads?

You can earn money using Brave Browser. But there are some conditions for earning money. So you have to use this Brave Browser daily. Then you will receive the Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) coin on your brave wallet. You can transfer this coin to the dollar, bitcoin or any other wallet or bank later. It will give you this coin breve browser depending on your use of the browser.

At a glance some of the features of the brave browser.

  • The brave browser is very fast and private in terms of browsing.
  • This browser contains the in build ads blocker feature.
  • Shield protection is available on this brave browser.
  • Cross-site trackers blocked features available.
  • Connections upgraded to the HTTPS feature.
  • Bad Scripts Blocked Feature.
  • faster Internet means Fast Load Any Website.
  • Browse much more privately with Tor* Private Tabs.
  • Earn rewards and support web creators.
  • Tip and contribute to websites directly through Brave Rewards
  • 70 Million People Downloads and Counting

This Brave browser supports chrome web extensions so you can download and use your favorite extensions by visiting the Chrome web extensions store.

So let’s find out how to make a complete Setting to make money on the Brave browser

First, you have to download the brave browser And Install It. Note: You will get 5$ BAT tokens only if you download from the link below.


Once the brave browser is installed on your Windows PC you will need to set the brave wallet. Whatever is needed to do the setting?

After opening the brave browser you will see an icon of a triangle with the SearchBar. Click on that icon.

After clicking on an icon of the triangle, click on the Rewards Setting button. After clicking on you will be taken to the Rewards Setting page.

After that, you have to verify the wallet. Click on the Wallet Verify button for that. After clicking on a website called Uphold you will open an account by going to this website. Once the account is open your wallet will be connected to your brave browser. Since then BAT Coin is still in your account

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